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The Vacation Caterer

Your Vacation Food Concierge

The Vacation Caterer services all vacation areas. Whether you have a trip planned to the beach for the summer or you are taking a short holiday trip, we will make sure that you have gourmet meals waiting on you when you arrive.

If you are going on vacation and you don't want the added expense of eating out every blooming day or fighting the other, just arrived in town traffic frustrated Mad Father or Mom in the grocery aisle for the same bottle of Ketchup, then think of us, THE VACATION CATERER!!

What Sets Us Apart

What sets us apart is our experience. Our founder is a professional chef by trade but who cares right? She can cook is all that counts, with more than 24 years of experience, but more importantly, she hailed from a large family who went on annual family vacations in the overly large station wagon, and she sat in the back seat facing traffic and saw the looks on the faces of the other families heading in the same direction. So she knows what families go through while on vacation.

The owner has vacationed with her family at the beach, to the mountains to a hotel room to a house boat and (don't do the last one) and knows what it takes to keep not only the parents happy but the children happy as well. It’s no fun at Disney when the children are hungry and screaming and it’s the only annual vacation. Plus she knows how expensive it can be. Why not save money on dining out and the embarrassing Little Johnny Temper Tantrum moments.

Our goal is to be your first call when you know you are heading out so we can go in and deliver to you, the best food you ever tasted. Hey, we know eating out every night gets expensive, especially with family and children, so our goal is to save you money and time by preparing your foods for you ahead of time.

Let us make your vacation extra-special by providing you with natural, delicious meals to enjoy. Contact us today at

the numbers listed East Coast USA 1-772-293-9841 or West Coast USA at 1-831-229-6068 or email [email protected]